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To Read or Not to Read

Yesterday I was asked about what books or authors are appropriate for Seventh-day Adventists. My response to this question is posted below:
There are two principles we can apply when deciding which books or authors are appropriate. First and foremost the authors need to have a high view of scripture. In establishing what is considered a high view of scripture there also a few things to consider: the nature of inspiration, and methods of interpretation. Seventh-day Adventists reject higher critical forms of interpretation and do not believe that we should utilize methods that impose the same critiques applied to other books besides the bible. When it comes to the nature of inspiration there are generally three schools of thought: verbal, plenary or thought, and moral inspiration. We believe in plenary or thought inspiration and therefore we could not reduce the bible to simply a collection of moral literature. While we do do not believe that the bible is literally the words of God I bel…